MANOD is a compound word of 'mano de dios'. When translated into Spanish, it becomes 'the hand of God'. 

 The human image I seek is ugly and paradoxical. It is the aesthetics of ugliness.

No one can define me and you.

 Imagine and create.

 We can make ourselves. 

We are an Atypical Luxury brand that creates experimental human images.


 MANOD는 스페인어로 직역하면 '신의 손' 이라는 뜻으로, 

단순히 옷을 만드는 사람이 아닌 추구하는 인간상과 무드를 옷에 담아내는 브랜드입니다. 

브랜드가 추구하는 인간상은 추함과 역설이고,

포스트모더니즘을 기반으로 본질적인 패션과 아름다움을 부정하며,

실험적인 인간상을 만드는 비정형 럭셔리 브랜드 입니다.

'Who am I? What does a designer do?'

We started with this question.

We not just a dressmaker.

We defines myself as a person who creates a new mood and human image.

If the essential form of clothing that we know becomes the base, we must transform and develop with heavy reasons or funny imagination.

That's the design.

New variations and innovative combinations can approach people with ugliness and rejection, but 

beauty is not perfect.

We think this little change and ugliness that isn't perfect can be closer to absolute beauty.

It also implies trends that are communicated with contemporary sensibility, not with biased view, and

This work finds new senses in repetitive over-fit and unisex, ambiguity of identity, and a mixture of colors.

We stimulate my emotions.

Discover new human images and new moods. 

The foundation is the man God created. 

Our design is a new human image that We made.

Each person may look similar, but what is noticeably different is his or her sensitivity and personality rather than his or her eyes, nose, mouth and body.

We think human are most beautiful when these abstract things come out.